On 1993, the founders of the company have bought a land which is estimated by 13 Dunmms in the Industrial Area. This land is near the quarry and it was used for building the factory on five Dunmms, on 1996 the company started its work officially.

Company Machines

The company has imported the most developed machines for cutting stones from the best Italian companies like Semic and biligreni.

The machines are the following:

1. Lifters
It is used for lifting the blocks and to set it on the table of the block cutter and also to put it on the table of the squaring where a special machine makes it in squarely horizontally and vertically

2. Block Cutter
It is used for cutting the blocks into slides with different measures
(Width 2 cm. 3 cm. 4cm) .After finishing the cutting process, the slides is driven on the belt to the production line.

3. Polishing Machine
There is a 70 meters polishing line which receives the slides of marble by the sizing machine which inserts them into the polishing machine . Then a special machine which arrange the marble slides.

4. The dressing and cutting machine
It is used to cut and shape the marble into different shapes and sizes according to the market demand and the international ISO requirements.




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