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The Arab Islamic Company was founded in 1964 by Mr. Shehda Mahmod Ali Al Halayka God blesses his soul. At that time the work was limited to extracting stones by hand with primary equipments. After this stage, the company work developed by adding new productions. It started using new and updated equipments to keep up with the technological and technical development like Italian made stone cutters, bulldozers, and American made Air compressors.

This development increased the production of all kinds of stones in quality and time.

Nowadays, The Company became one of the known companies in this field. It owns quarries which it's estimated by 200 Dunums .

Company Administration

The organizational chart consents of the founders and the employees, which includes professional official accountants, engineers, technical experts in equipment maintenance and high skilled staff of workers.

The Arab Islamic company staff is composed of 70 employees working at the company.

In order to keep up with good quality and experience of the employees, the company organizes many seminars and meeting in order to improve the public awareness and to keep on the production quality.

Company Sales

The company sales its products for local market which includes West Bank and Israel
On the other hand, foreign markets like China, USA, Europe and the Arabic states.

The company international activity

The company aims on expanding its work and production through commercials and through taking apart in the international forums which deals with marble and stones


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